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Power Up Your  Leadership

  • Move from reacting to turbulence to responding dynamically

  • Hone powerful people skills to get the results you want

  • Stop surviving and start thriving in your work-life

Are turbulence and people challenges disrupting your projects?

You have been working as a project professional or operational leader involved in projects for some time now. You have the designations, training and theory on how to manage projects but you have been noticing that it's not as easy as building great plans, following the methodologies, and managing your triple constraints.


There are two reasons for this: turbulence and people.

Today it has become increasingly difficult to predict all the uncertainty we experience on our projects - the unraveling requirements, and the constant unfolding decisions, risks and issues.


Add to that the inconsistency in how people behave and you have a perfect project storm. Change is hard. When it feels never-ending for the people involved, it's no surprise that tensions, resistance and conflicts surface.

By powering up your skills in responding to turbulence and moving people through change, you will find that managing projects and teams can become easier and more enjoyable. More so, you can make a bigger difference.


Querida Leadership is here to help you Power Up Your Project Leadership.

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We can help you navigate turbulence and power up your people skills

We provide different individual and group learning options based on your preferences

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Get better project results by learning with us

Like you, we love projects. We love the planning, the structure, and the positive outcomes they can lead to.


But what we started to notice in our project careers is that those outcomes were hard to achieve and often disrupted by unplanned changes and unexpected people reactions. 

We have built our practice around trying to understand why change initiatives fail and what makes them succeed. As change management and leadership development practitioners, we have learned how to be proactive and responsive in navigating the people side of change and overcoming obstacles caused by turbulence.

Querida Leadership is the outcome of a collective 40+ years of experience in project management, change management, and leadership development.


Our programs and services are based on real-world experience working with project leaders to power up their skills to achieve better project and people outcomes.

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We are committed to helping you thrive in the workplace by powering up your people skills and equipping you with tools to respond to turbulence

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