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Unlock your Power Skills with Coaching

Get a personalized action plan

Like working with a personal fitness trainer, we work with you to clarify your work-life and mental fitness goals and guide your journey towards these aspirations. We use an action-oriented bite-sized approach to help you get stuff done and feel good about your progress.

Tap into power skills

Learn how to tap into your strengths and values and feel more confident about your leadership approach and decisions. We teach you strategies and tactics to harness the power of turbulence, and what energizes you and makes you feel strong.

Explore new horizons

Explore the shifting possibilities of a project or operational leader in today's turbulent era and learn new skills, approaches and tactics that align with the future of work.

Find real-time solutions

Get out of reaction mode and into responding more quickly and nimbly by working in real-time with us on the challenges you face and possibilities available to you.

Get Started Today

Still not sure how to get started? Book a complimentary coaching session with us to explore your needs. 

Choose your coaching package

Work towards your goals and build your power skills with the help of a personal guide

  • Coaching 3-pack

    Perfect for a specific time-bound and time-sensitive goal
    Valid for one month
    • Get ready for a new job with a 30-60-90 day plan
    • Develop a top-notch resume that gets you noticed
    • Work through a specific short-term goal
  • 6-month package

    Every month
    Unlimited 1:1 project leadership coaching and toolkit access
    Valid for 6 months
    • Dream up and design your next career move
    • Power up skills that help you achieve your goals
    • Take action on a personalized plan to overcome a challenge
  • 12-month package

    Every month
    Unlimited 1:1 access to coaching and real-time support
    Valid for 12 months
    • Build a personalized plan to achieve your goals
    • Coaching and support is tailored around your availability
    • Get the support you need in real-time as challenges surface

Book an Appointment

Not needing a package right now? That's okay! You can also book single sessions.

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