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Being a project leader is a complex role filled with lots of turbulence. We are still shifting and learning how to navigate in a hybrid world of methodologies and virtual and in-person.


We believe that we can better navigate today's turbulence when we come together to connect, share ideas and experiences, and plan our next moves.


Join our project leader collective to:

  • Get peer-to-peer support on challenges you are experiencing

  • Learn from other project leaders on what is working in the project management landscape

  • Find and share centralized trusted content related to project leadership

  • Collaborate on initiatives and share lessons learned

  • Build community and a network of connections to help you navigate turbulence

There's no cost or pre-requisites.

Join the Collective

Signing up gives you exclusive access to the community board and resource library. You will also receive articles, promotions and an invitation for our collective jam sessions.

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